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Company History

The History of Gollcher Group goes back to 1854 when Olof Fredrik Gollcher, a Swede who settled in Malta a few years earlier, founded O.F. Gollcher & Sons. He was soon involved with the local shipping industry and established himself as a leading figure, operating his own ships from Malta to North African, Sicilian, Adriatic ports and also acting as ship agent for leading shipping lines calling at our ports. He pioneered the first services to the sister Island of Gozo and also organised ferry services within the Maltese Harbours.

For over a century the various generations of Gollchers have been highly honoured with Consular appointments including those for Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. 

The firm proudly records well over 100 years of service as Lloyd’s Agent in Malta.

Gollcher Group which is family owned continues to be a leader in Malta’s Maritime industry.

Gollcher Vessels


Between 1826 and 1856, three Swedish sailing vessels by the name of “SWALAN” called at Malta. The initial two were at different stages under the command of Johan Gustaf Gollcher, father of Olof Fredrik Gollcher. The third “SWALAN” 220 G.T. (built 1851) was partly owned by the Gollchers and was under the command of Carl Johan Gollcher, who in 1852 brought his brother Olof Fredrik, founder of O.F. Gollcher & Sons to Malta. This company subsequently became owners of several ships, with famous names such as ‘La Valette’, ‘Malta’, ‘L’Isle Adam’, etc.


The “GLENEAGLES” 207 gross tons was built in Scotland by Hall, Russel and Company, and was delivered to O.F. Gollcher & Sons in 1885. In the same year she was commissioned to run the first regular service between Malta and the sister Island of Gozo – a service she regularly maintained up to 1914, when she was requisitioned to serve as a survey vessel with the Royal Navy.

L’Isle Adam

The “L’ISLE ADAM” 841 gross tons was built by W.A. Stevens of Birkenhead, England and acquired by the shipping firm O.F. Gollcher & Sons in 1886. This Iron Screw Steamer plied for several years between Malta, Tunis, Tripoli and Adriatic Ports with other vessels owned by the same company.


The three masted sailing ship “MALTA” owned by Johan Gustaf Gollcher, sailing into Valletta Grand Harbour in 1867 under the Command of Carl Johan August Gollcher. Captain Carl was the elder brother of Olof Fredrik Gollcher founder of O.F. Gollcher & Sons (Est. 1854) – Malta. This ship was mainly used to carry esparto grass (for paper making) from Malta to England, returning with coal to this island.

Gollcher ships