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The Significance of the Day of the Seafarer

The Day of the Seafarer was established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2010. It serves as a day of celebration and an opportunity to raise awareness on the challenges faced by seafarers. This day serves as a reminder of the essential role seafarers play in the global supply chain, often working under harsh and dangerous conditions to keep the world moving.

Theme for 2024: Seafarers Safety

The theme for the Day of the Seafarer 2024 is the importance of Seafarers Safety at sea.

Seafarers deserve to work in safe environments where their safety is protected. The Day of the Seafarer 2024 calls for stricter enforcement of these standards and greater transparency in the maritime industry to ensure that all seafarers are treated with respect.

Seafarers are encouraged to participate in the Day of the Seafarer by sharing photos of things that keep Their workplace safe. This could be equipment; they use or special training that they are provided with. This is in effort to promoting the maritime safety and security, along with protection of the marine environment.

The hashtag #SafetyTipsAtSea is to be used by Seafarers on Social Media when sharing posts related to Safety and Security at sea, the theme of this year’s Day of the Seafarer.